If you are happiest when you are giving and aiding others, then Rotary is the place for you.  And, it may even be beneficial to your health and well-being.  Science has shown that people who live to be of service to others are generally happiest and live longer.  This certainly describes Rotarians, whose motto is Service above Self.

 I can't recall where , but I recently read the astonishing research that found that people who are givers, and live to serve others have been found to be happier and tend to live longer than the rest of the population.  It seems, according to the article, that certain people are born to serve, to help others, and to give of themselves and their time to others.  The scientists were not willing to say that it was genetic, but it does seem to be an internal motivation in the people they called the "givers."  

If this is true, then Rotary is the club full of givers.  The motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies their attitude toward life.  They are happiest when they are giving and serving others.  Maybe we knew the secret of longevity long before the research was completed.  

To my fellow Rotarians,  Happy 2012 and many, many more!